Fattoria Petrini ad Expo 2015

“Although I can’t easily remember dates and numbers, one in particular sticks in my mind, January 9th in Expo year 2015.It was pretty much like any other morning at work when among the postal mails, one emerged informing me that my professional career story had been chosen to be narrated in the special section “ Power of Know-how ” relating the excellence, creativity and innovation as themes presented at the Italian Pavilion. I suddenly realized that something important was about to happen but I needed sometime to understand the huge scale of this. “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, the Expo 2015 based theme was – by the way – enough to start living of the most beautiful adventures of my entire life.”

Francesca Petrini ( source : “L’Italia, un sentiero per il cambiamento. Da Expo 2015 a Expo 2020”)