The Marche's landscape

Dressed of its silver foliage the olive tree has always characterized the landscape of Marches together with wheat and vine.
Rustic species being able to survive in difficult terrains and after frost to be able to born from its roots again, the olive tree has been present in the Marche region for many centuries.

Fattoria Petrini is located on the ancient hill San Vito in Monte San Vito that is especially devoted to the cultivation of olive trees and production of quality olive oils

Respect for quality

The unique microclimate with the beneficial effects of the sea air and the mixed gravel soil provide the best conditions to make a valuable olive-cultivation.

The presence of centuries-old olive trees like the native Raggia olive tree witnesses the historical importance of the local people who have devoted their lives to the production of an exceptional olive oil since ancient times, also contributing to the social and economic development.

Fattoria Petrini is very proud to keep continuing this old tradition in respect of the full quality and environment through adopting organic farming techniques.

Monte San Vito, “City Of Oil”

The little town of Monte San Vito was decorated as a “City of Oil” in 1995 thanks to the strong vocation for the olive-growing since ancient times and international reputation. Being a City of Oil means making a commitment in order to promote and protect those traditions and culture belonging to a specific territory and its olive-growing landscape.

Through the many prizes and certifications obtained and deep commitment of the founder Leonida Petrini, Fattoria Petrini has helped the town of Monte San Vito gain a central role in the Italian and European olive oil producing sector.

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Monte San Vito