The Petrini's Farm

Fattoria Petrini is a family-run company that produces prize-winning organic extra-virgin olive oils in Monte San Vito.
Thanks to the many important results achieved the company is unquestionably a leading producer on the Italian olive oil scene, especially in the Marche region. The Petrini family has its own olive groves, a high tech mill, and a bottling plant that completes the manufacturing process.
The entire process – from start to finish – is controlled by experts and professional oil tasters like Francesca and Cristiano Petrini are.

Olive groves

The company has olive groves and an exclusive company oil mill, thanks to which it obtains high quality olive oils with a high presence of nutrients, award-winning in national and international competitions.

Vetro - Fattoria Petrini: Olio biologico - Jesi - Senigallia - Ancona - Marche - Italy
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